December 2013

We’re a theatre company powered by punk values of honesty, integrity, inclusion and the spirit of Do It Yourself invention. ! ! So, some of the many people, company and things I admire and inspire me:

Joe Strummer and The Clash: I love him so much I made a play about him: Meeting Joe Strummer. I love his spirit, his ideas – his positivity: the way he’d make great music about the most serious stuff but somehow make it uplifting. ! !

There’s so many bands I like who’ve come after Joe… so I’ll just name one: The Lovely Eggs. Holly and Dave are geniuses of the DIY culture. Totally brilliant duo, touring their tuneful raucous noise to a music venue or scout hut near you soon!!

Ok, one other band: Chumbawamba, sadly recently split – but hey gave us 30 years worth of music about stuff. And if I had to pick one song: On eBay. ! ! !

One more band then: Alabama 3. Unstoppable descendants of The Clash who’ve carried on the party. One song only: got to be Woody Guthrie ! ! Oh yes, we’re a theatre company, so theatre people on the list: From way back when – John McGrath’s 7:84 changed my mind about theatre and life; Caryl Churchill is brilliant and still underrated; Bertolt Brecht’s the boss; The Right Size, The National Theatre of Brent and The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society – bring them all back! From now: Spymonkey, Victoria Melody, Rachel Blackman – very privileged to have worked with the latter in 2013 !!

Other stuff I like: Stewart Lee; Josie Long; Chucky Mark ( 2 x 5 minutes of the best solo theatre every day via Facebook), Media Lens; The Wire yes, Breaking Bad no (there, I’ve said it). Everything Anne Tyler writes, Nick Hornby. The Seagull Love Review. Nick Whitfield’s film “Skeletons”. “Annie Hall”. Vivian Maier’s photographs. Marwoods cafe in Brighton. Philosophy Football…! ! And many others. But I better stop and get on with writing England Away… Excitingly, we’ve just heard that we have Arts Council England funding for the show, so it will be on tour around the country from April. Watch this cyberspace for more news!!


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