Tear Gas and Ticket Touts

// Eddy Brimson

As soon as the ticketing arrangements for the World Cup in France were announced and England fans were allocated so few, it was clear that there was likely to be trouble, and that the touts would have a field day. In this diary of the World Cup, Eddy Brimson shows just how accurate those predictions proved to be. From the beach at Marseille, the scene of the worst violence in the entire competition, to the tension of the penalty shoot-out against Argentina, and at all the key incidents between, Eddy Brimson was there. He bought his tickets on the black market from FA officials and French family men. And he saw some of the organisers of the violence at work. He also looks at how the media covered the violence, and why they got it so wrong. He has written the true story of the World Cup, as experienced by so many who went.