TFIU’s newest piece of theatre Still, TFIU Still R&D imagewill be about photography, social media sharing and the internet, personal creativity and data protection. A piece that celebrates the life and work of Vivian Maier and investigates ideas of surveillance.

Born in working class New York, Vivian earned her living as a nanny, dying in near poverty, after a period of homelessness, aged 83. She had no family; those who remember her say she was mysterious, contradictory, lonely. After she died a treasure trove of her (mainly undeveloped) photographs was found, taken on box cameras, capturing the lives of people in public. The images are in the process of,  posthumously, creating some kind of fame for Vivian: She was particularly interested in photographing those living in poverty, often presenting the homeless against the backdrop of the rich and wealthy.
Modern images are created very differently: computer technology helps mobile phone users snap and broadcast instantly, whilst surveillance cameras capture constant images of people’s lives. We will explore issues of privacy, in an age of instant photography, social media sharing and ever-growing surveillance.


In 2015, commissioned by Ovalhouse and supported by Nuffield Southampton, we will enter a period of  research and development to spend time with two performers, a projection and production expert and two information technology constants to explore how to merge these subjects for a live performance. We will share some of our work in progress at Ovalhouse in November as part of their BiTE SiZE programme.

If you are interested in supporting or booking Still for 2016 or beyond please see our Still Production Proposal.

Still is supported by public funding from Arts Council England via the National Lottery