Still Privacy Policy

The Future is Unwritten Privacy Policy for the Still app

The Future is Unwritten (TFIU) is a theatre company powered by punk values of honesty, integrity, inclusion and the spirit of Do It Yourself invention; exploring issues of popular culture, politics, spirituality, responsibility, injustice and respect.

TFIU was founded in 2009 by Brighton based writer and director Paul Hodson and the company is run with independent producer Emily Coleman.


TFIU Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines how the Still App will work and how TFIU will use, transfer and destroy any data taken from the user. By agreeing to this privacy policy and downloading the app you agree for TFIU to use data provided and harvested from your device.

TFIU have no intention to, and will not, save your data after the performance you are attending is over and your data will be destroyed immediately afterwards. 


The Still App

The Still App has been made by a third party software developer contracted by TFIU. This company has created the app based on the experience we want audiences to have during a live performance of Still.

The Still App is designed to be used alongside the live performances of Still. It will be tested during three work-in-progress performances at Ovalhouse 52-54 Kennington Oval London SE11 5SW on Thursday 12th, Friday 13th and Saturday the 14th November 2015.

If you are using the Still App during one of these performances, you will have been invited to download the Still and connect to the Still Wifi network. The app will be used to display information about the photographs of Vivian Maier for users to interact with during the performances. It will also allow audience members to take photographs during the performances. And it will collect data from your phone or device.


What data is collected by Still App?

 If you are using Still App during one of the work-in-progress performances at Ovalhouse and you are connected to the Still Wifi Network, the following data will be collected as part of using the app:

  • The email address associated with the primary account on your device
  • Any photographs you take out of the rear facing camera using the “take photograph” feature of the app
  • Photographs which will be silently taken out of the front facing camera (where available) while you are using the “take photograph” feature of the app
  • Five other recent photographs taken from your phone’s gallery.

If you are using the Still App at any other place or time or are not connected to the Still Wifi network, no data will be collected from your device.


How we will store and use your data

  • The data will be sent using SSL encryption to a server running in the same room as the performance. The server will only be visible on the private Still Wifi network and the data will never be transmitted across the internet (only across the private Still Wifi network).
  • The data may be viewed by an employee of TFIU who may select a number of photographs for use during the performance. No photographs containing children or deemed to be private, intimate, containing nudity will be immediately deleted.
  • If your photograph is selected for use in performance, it will be shared on a projection screen with the rest of the audience at the performance. Other than this, the data will never be shared with a third party
  • Any collected data will be held on the server for the duration of the performance in which it is collected. Immediately following the performance all the data collected during that performance, along with any copies that were made in order to include it in projections, will be securely deleted using apple’s “secure empty trash” feature.
  • If you wish to see what data was collected from your device, or if you wish to witness the data being deleted, please request this with TFIU immediately following the performance.

Opting out

You can stop all data collection by disconnecting from the Still Wifi network (in which case no data will be collected.)

Your consent

By using Still App you are consenting to our collecting and use of data as set forth in this Privacy Policy.

Contact information

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you may contact us at:

Or make yourself known to an employee of TFIU before or after a performance.