30 Years of Hurt

// Cass Pennant and Andy Nicholls
Saturday, 4 June 1977 was a dark day for England’s international football reputation . . . on and off the pitch. On it, goals from Gordon McQueen and Kenny Dalglish gave Scotland a historic 2-1 victory; while off it, the few England fans in the crowd of 98,103 had to watch in humilation as the Tartan Army took Wembley to pieces. It was an insult that English fans vowed to avenge and swore would never be repeated. They kept their word! 30 Years of Hurt covers all the England games where violence erupted, as told by seasoned England campaigners from all over the country. Containing stories of outrageous and shocking escapades involving England supporters which resulted in hundreds being deported and once again the familiar unwanted national headlines; plus the unreported smaller incidents which left scores injured and maimed. 30 Years of Hurt reveals for the first time what it was like being a member of the hooligan army which for decades shamed the nation and very nearly brought English football to its knees in their quest to remain number one in the world’s unofficial hooligan league table.