Football Delirium

// Chris Oakley

Football Delirium is not ‘applied’ psychoanalysis, not a book that takes a privileged position in relation to its subject, but a set of wonderfully subtle and free-wheeling interwoven stories about psychoanalysis and football, and what they might have to say to each other. A book for, and about fans, and a book consistently intriguing for those who care little for either psychoanalysis or football, or indeed fans – because it is about so much more than its subject, because its enthusiasms are so contagious – Football Delirium has strange unsettling things to say about how the things that matter to us always matter too much, about the commitments we can’t stop ourselves making, about how our passions are always a passion to forget ourselves. After Football Delirium joining in will never look quite the same. –Adam Philips 

Chris Oakley is a psychoanalyst in private practice. When not working he spends his time attending football matches all over the world.